Star Citizen: Pledge Decisions

I committed to Star Citizen when i bought the Aegis Dynamics Retalliator (long ranged combat) and the RSI Aurora MR (basic ship). I'm currently looking at options to upgrade the Aurora to either the DRAKE Cutlass (for exploration and salvage), or the Aegis Dynamics Avenger (interceptor or cargo transport).

Images below sourced from RSI official website.

Aegis Dynamics Retalliator

This is a long ranged strategic bomber and possibly cargo hauler. This is going to be my prized space ship! It's too big for exploration so i still need a second ship. This ship addon cost USD$250 (AUD$265)

Star Citizen AD Retalliator
Star Citizen AD Retalliator

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Star Citizen AD Retalliator

DRAKE Cutlass

I like the idea of a 2 man ship for salvage and exploration missions. This is probably one of the more diverse multi-role ships, similar to the RSI Constellation. There isn't much information available at this time (October 2013) as ship development has not been finalised. It's marketed as a pirate ship for boarding, exploration and a bit of cargo for loot. It'll also come with speed, agility and firepower. It's like a pirate "glass cannon".

Star Citizen DRAKE Cutlass

This game is shaping up to be pretty awesome. I am afraid i'll have to push my pledge to a total of USD$400 to get the Cutlass pack (USD$110 or AUD$116). I also want one additional character slot for roleplaying purposes.

I initially pledged USD$40 for the game but now i'm nearly up to USD$400! My poor wallet...

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