Vintage & Retro Fair

I went to the Sydney Vintage & Retro Fair today. This is the second time I've attended. I don't normally buy anything at the show but it is a chance to see some vintage merchandise and fashion. Unlike pop culture conventions people tend to be older and more private. They may dress for the occasion but most don't want their pictures taken. So I tend to take photos of the catwalk, some abstract shots of merchandise and vehicles on display.

See the portfolio for more examples of vintage fashion and cars.

Vintage American cars

I'm pretty sure I've seen these cars before at the last vintage show and local wedding exhibits.

Equipment: Canon 6D, Sigma 35/1.4. Using ambient light. Editing removed noise and increased clarity/sharpness/vibrance.

Vintage American cars Vintage American cars Vintage American cars

Show floor

Equipment: Canon 6D, Sigma 35/1.4

The event coordinator has planned intimate corridors in a tightly framed section of this massive exhibition space. Unlike Animania which has a lot of void space, this is just the right amount of room for visitors to funnel through the stalls and exhibits. This is good because visitors dont have to travel far to to see all the amazing merchandise and exhibits. It also defines the exhibition space, with some room for overflow if required. I think exhibitions like these make good use of 'social areas' for people to take breaks or just sit down and take in the lights, sounds, atmosphere around them.

The event security staff were friendly and helpful. So it's just Animania that has a problem.

Vintage and retro fair Vintage and retro fair Vintage and retro fair Vintage and retro fair Vintage and retro fair Vintage and retro fair


Equipment: Canon 6D, Sigma 85/1.4

These are mini-catwalks that showcase some of the designs and fashion available on sale. See the portfolio for more examples.

Vintage fashion Vintage fashion

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