Animania 2013

I endeavour to write constructive articles on my blog. I strongly believe that this is an important community benefit to realise how bad Animania has become.

I have a love/hate relationship with Animania. It used to be a small community which i loved going to meet new friends and catch up with people I dont see regularly. However I hate the strong arm of their security staff - especially Head Security of Animania and ATP enforcers on site.

They are bullies and excel at being dicks.

ATP/Animania staff bully photographers in to buying tickets for the convention even when they do not want to go inside. We spend the whole day outside the venue because the lighting conditions are superior and do not interfere with the exhibits inside. If you've ever tried taking photographs in the lobby areas of SMASH or Supanova you'll know that optimal lighting is normally found outside the complex.

Whilst the venue of Australian Technology Park is private property, the main thorough-fare and pedestrian corridors are public domain. Unless Animania have literally barricaded the public domain areas of the venue to signify 'private use' I have a hard time to believe they have any grounds to threaten people to leave.

Some of my friends were threatened in the car park they were in. Animania extends to the paid car parking area as well? Over-extending your reach much?

Under the Australian Technology Park's guidelines for photography/filming, permission is only required for commercial shoots. Most cosplay photography is personal use. ATP and Animania security do not even bother with this. They go after anyone with a DSLR camera or lighting equipment, then bully them - even if they have no intention of going inside the convention. It boils down to a cash grab plain and simple.

Buy a ticket or get off our lawn! - Animania/ATP.

This year Animania/ATP security have extended their reach and threatened many young members of the cosplay community and regular convention attendees. This is wrong and people should stand up against this kind of bullying. Don't buy tickets and don't waste your time with Animania.

Cosplay and photography will continue to co-exist because if there is one thing i love more than conventions, it's to make great pictures. Our mini-shoot of Vocaloids are located here.


Car park mania

car park mania car park mania


car park mania car park mania

John had the unpleasant role of enforcing silly rules

car park mania


car park mania car park mania

Issac at work

car park mania car park mania


car park mania car park mania


car park mania


car park mania

My lovely lighting assistant

car park mania

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