Portraiture: Selfies

I rarely take selfies in the mirror. Decided to give it a shot. Found it a bit harder than imagined, but i wasn't being particularly fussy about lighting or quality.


Shot handheld with the Sony RX100 with $2 LED flashlight, ambient lighting,then BW conversion in Lightroom. EXIF: 1/50s at f2.0, ISO 800.


Shot handheld with the Sony RX100 and a $2 LED flashlight, camera left high. Dropped ISO to 400 so that the background would fade to black. Used only the LED light to illuminate part of my face.

It was kind of awkward but a rewarding experience. I now understand the purpose of gels. The LED lights were very cool temp and did not match the my desk lamp which gave off warm colours. Was kind of hard to fix so next time i'll gel the torchlight to match white balance.

EXIF: 1/50s at f3.2, ISO 400.

selfies, portrait, sony rx100, lighting, black and white