Firefall: Open Beta

I've been looking into Firefall Open Beta for the last couple of days. The game is really fun as a multiplayer game because it is a fast paced first person shooter game with some role playing components. Most of the game involves gathering or thumping for resources and levelling up your character.

firefall beta firefall beta firefall beta

I've purchased the Bastion, Fire Cat, Mammoth, Dragonfly and the Raptor. You don't really need all the classes but i've one of each advanced class available at this stage.

I really enjoy playing a Bastion, which is a support class that can lay down multi-functional turrets. The Mammoth is a tank with a heavy plasma minigun. It's literally a walking death-machine because nothing will survive your barrage of plasma rounds unless it's a red or purple tier boss.

firefall beta firefall beta firefall beta

You really need to purchase a rechargeable glider and a LGV mount. They help a lot in getting around the world map. Everything else can be earned in game via mining for resources or earning crystalite (currency in the game).

With Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn coming out soon, i will be dividing my time between FFXIV and this game. I think my raid group Devil's Gauntlet will jump over to FFXIV because of the 'shiny-new-game' factor. It's only USD$24 on GMG so it's not so bad. We can probably get a few months out of it before finding something else to do.

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