Sydney Manga and Anime Show 2013, Part 4

Continuing from Part 3 about SMASH 2013...

Snake Plissken of Metal Gear Solid: Brad

Photos from SMASH 2013

Shooting Brad in his Snake Plissken costume. I don't think I've seen Brad cosplay anything other than Metal Gear Solid and he excels at characters from the MGS franchise.

Brad was looking directly into the light as i tested for flash exposure. It's probably one of the best shots of the afternoon. I hardly had to do much editing because it was near perfect straight out of camera.

I also have a high resolution crop available...

Photos from SMASH 2013

Miss Marvel, Marvel Comics: Duchess Sakura Cosplay

Photos from SMASH 2013

I had the opportunity to shoot Duchess Sakura Cosplay this afternoon just before dinner time. I had the idea that Miss Marvel was hanging out at night and this was one of the black and white conversions that i liked. I have a couple more poses that require some photoshop work before I'm willing to upload. We experimented with different poses including some that had her 'cupping' her hands as if she was about to throw some magic. We'll see how far my photoshop skills have improved over the course of next week as i attempt to blend some special effects into these images.

Photos from SMASH 2013

This is an attempt at a seductive pose for the model.

Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII: Rianna

Photos from SMASH 2013

Rianna was very fun to work with. She had the confidence in front of the camera and knew exactly what she wanted to look for her character. We took a number of shots including the battle stance typical of Final Fantasy characters, and then different body shots to get the detail on her costume.

Photos from SMASH 2013

I really enjoyed the photo shoots and post production work this time round. Looking back at some of the work I've done at conventions, it's remarkable how much I've learnt about photography. I hope to seeing more people at the next convention and attempt something even more challenging or unique to contribute to the community.


This ends the article series on SMASH 2013.

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