Sydney Manga and Anime Show 2013

I'm going to SMASH on Saturday 10 August, 2013. It'll be my third year at this convention. An unbelieveable amount of people turn up to this event at Sydney's Darling Harbour. An even more unbelievable amount of people with cameras. This year i'm going to focus on a couple of photoshoots and spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying the convention and watching some panels.

I'm interested in seeing Issac Leung's cosplay photography panel with a focus on lights. It's the next element of photography i want to work on (as well as studio environment shoots).

With nearly a decade of experience photographing cosplays between them, presenters Pireze (Isaac Leung) and Rayfy (Raymond Fung) will share the secrets to getting dramatic and versatile results with simple off-camera lighting.

Most people write flash off as too difficult, too expensive, or just plain nasty. It’s the stuff of club photos, of harsh shadows and red eyes, flat, boring and uninspiring. But this does not always have to be the case. This panel explores how one or two strategically positioned flashes, combined with a few simple and cheap light modifiers, can create a variety of new and powerful looks.

Source: SMASH website.

Last year i missed the Madman cosplay competitions because i spent the afternoon outside just doing photoshoots. Having paid a ticket to be on the premises i really should make use of my time to see something on the day. So this year i have essentially blocked out 2-5pm mentally. If you want to find me on the day, make sure to contact me sometime in the morning!

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