Finishing Touches

All the time and effort spent over the last three days have been worth it. I'm very pleased with the design and ease to put this website together. I've figured out how to use the portfolio and gallery templates and will add more pages to the site this weekend. I've finalised the six items i want at the top. I still need to design a proper icon/logo and use a better font for my name. The default font looks kind of silly.

I've put together a template for portfolio and project items starting with 1) my photo shoot at University of New England, Parramatta; and 2) my Guild Wars 2 guide for warriors, written for The Older Gamers in September 2012.

I've got to say it looks far more professional now. I wasn't keen to use Facebook to exhibit my work. The social features were a plus, but everything else - the design, the appearance, the image compression, and advertisements were just not acceptable.

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