Customising a Template From Pixel Wars

I've been working on the design of my website all morning till late and have nearly completed the initial skeleton of my portfolio. I purchased a single use license of the 'Read' template (HTML5+CSS only) from Themeforest. The template comes with a large amount of helpful documentation and resources for customisation. Only


It would have been a lot more expensive if i went with a solution from ProPhoto.

landing page

'Read' is a responsive template for showing what you think to everyone in the world, in any device. It's that simple!

- Pixelwars

The key reason I went with this template is because it was easy to code in notepad. Essentially i'm picking apart the templates and putting in my own elements and code. It follows the methodology of my previous websites designed between 1997-2004.

When i was in high school there was no such thing as content management systems. Well, there may have been CMS but it wasn't common amongst the community of early web developers. Most personal web developers had the choice of hosted sites like Yahoo's Geocities or their own ISP space. I only had 10 Megabytes of hosted space from Optus to play with.

I enjoy coding. I can spend hours writing code. It gives me time to think about what i want to write, and edit as i go. I don't quite like designing my website with a user-interface because i dont get to see what makes my website work.

Wordpress's user interface makes me feel like i'm learning to click buttons within their WYSIWYG interface rather than actually learning about web design. Now i have HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ajax and a bunch of new scripts to play with!


I'm designing my website entirely in Notepad++. The good thing about an editor like this includes colour-coding within a document. It allows me to compare groups of code within the same document, or with other files. It helps a lot to know where a bit of code starts and ends.

The biggest trouble i have at the moment is understanding the enormous cascading style sheets that make up the back-end of this website template. I am going to need to review my knowledge of CSS to understand (new) syntaxes and their use.

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