Playing with Koken on Xampp v1.8.2

Xampp for Windows

I've just installed Koken on my Windows machine to test its ability to publish my photography portfolio and blogging.

I like the designs and ability to manage image libraries. I'm having doubts about scalability once I get the site up and running. It may work for small scale image libraries but I reckon it'll struggle with larger libraries as i build up the site.


Koken image library

The CMS installation was easy enough once I figured out the mysql database (login) problems on the Xampp end.

It took six fresh installations of Xampp before I finally got Koken to install!


This is the first 'essay' in Koken CMS. It is missing some common blogging features like dates, time stamps, author notes. It took me some time to figure out how to insert images. Looks like I'll have to refer to the documentation as it's not quite intuitive yet.


Koken CMS Text


Koken settings

The challenge I'm having at the moment is the UI lag within the Koken. Every button, slide toggle or keystroke I put into CMS feels like there is a 1/2 second lag to it. The interface is unresponsive on a local development environment, what will it be like on a server hosted overseas?

There is a lot of redundant code in the WYSIWYG editor too. It's a bit stupid.

I'll keep playing around with settings and tweaking the CMS for now.

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