Total War Three Kingdoms

Cao Cao Campaign




1 February 2020


I forgot how much of a time sink Total War games can be. I started a game as Cao Cao, and it took 9 hours to finish!

I also have to remind myself to watch my hardware monitors. Both CPU and GPU run hot during the campaign for Total War Three Kingdoms.


Notable moments include my ingame waifu Lady Bian left me for another faction warlord, Lu Bu. Lu Bu instantly became my rival. I chased her halfway across China and pinned her down at a settlement near Lu Bu's border. After kicking down the gates to the city I forced her to surrender!

Having Lady Bian as a hostage, I could manipulate Lu Bu to give me face in diplomacy, but she was also the mother of my ingame children, and that would be awkward! Instead I reinstated her as an administrator to one of my provinces and paid her appropriately. She recognised fair treatment and was 100% satisfied with the arrangement. She could have been left under house arrest for all eternity!

My faction lord Cao Cao remarried after Lady Bian's betrayal, but it was the obvious that I had to pursue the ex-wife, since we are roleplaying a faction warlord! Lu Bu has to die!


After the affair with Lady Bian came to a conclusion, I turned my armies against Lu Bu's remaining armies and smashed them to pieces! Lu Bu, as faction lord, would never surrender so I executed him on the battlefield.


With that affair coming to a resolution. I immediately turned my forces on the Imperial Capital. The Han's child emperor was currently being controlled by the mad tyrant so obviously I had to take the capital to become the Emperor of China.

Encircling the capital was easier than expected. The palace guards put up zero resistance after their armies were obliterated in the field.


After taking the throne, the only thing I had to do was absorb and unify various lords and their estates, and vassalise those that could be controlled under my Divine Empire.

Eliminating the last two seats of power was difficult but not impossible. Once that was done I acheved the campaign victory.

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