Driftland The Magic Revival





27 January 2020


I cleared Driftland finally. This was one of those games I had wishlisted and only bought some time after release. It plays a bit like Netstorm but is unique in its own way.

Netstorm focused on island expansion by connecting bridges, and players attacked using a variety of towers. The goal was to capture the enemy priestess and then sacrifice them on an altar to win the game.

In Driftland you win the game by destroying the enemy's Castle. You advance by expanding bridges to islands. You have the option of pulling islands to you or creating new ones. You could also destroy islands which is a slow, but useful way of defeating an enemy if you aren't able to crack their defenses. Of course the enemy must also be unable to kill your mages casting that long spell.

It was a slog to complete the single player campaign achievements. One of the missions had to be cheesed by bum rushing the enemy Castle without killing more than 20 enemy forces. That one was annoying.

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