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Commander Avaery, 20 September 2019


Elite Dangerous


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20 September 2019

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Farming Premium Currency ARX


So I've hit 3500 hours in Elite Dangerous!

The developer Frontier have introduced a premium currency to the game called ARX. You can earn up to 400 ARX each week from doing various activities in game. The idea is to allow players to earn cosmetic items without paying. I think it's a terrible idea.

After the patch landed the game broke. They didn't test the patch before deploying to the live environment and angered the small, but dedicated community of ED players.

I found a quick way of earning 400 ARX in 10 minutes. But it is boring and I dont think i will do it every week.

Every transaction in game earns you 10 ARX. So that means you can buy/sell equipment on the market to earn 10 ARX per transaction. All you have to do is to buy a ship module then equip on your ship, then sell it to the market, then buy it back (undoing the sell order). Do this 40 times. Then log out of the game and you'll get 400 ARX.

Quite a boring slog but it'll get your weekly cap limit in about 10 minutes.

Who knows when they'll patch this method out but i doubt i'll do it every week. It just seems like a chore, and they've made existing cosmetics far more expensive than prior to the patch. I never bought any because you can't see much of the cosmetics in game anyway. Plus I rather buy more games than to add pointless cosmetics.

There is a rumor of the devs working on personal fleet carriers. No doubt that'll be expensive. Although I dont know if I want to grind credits now or later. Some users estimate 20 billion credits. I have 3 billion so far.

I can get about 450-480 million at a relaxed pace every 2-3 hours. So to get the additonal 17 billion I will assume 450 million every 3 hours conservatively. So as a rough estimate if I a 3 hour session of mining each day, I can reach the target of 20 billion credits in roughly 38 days.

It's doable but quite boring! More work than fun!

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