Elite Dangerous

Commander Avaery, 18 May 2019


Elite Dangerous


HIP 16613 1A

Point of Interest

Bug Killer, Wrecked SRV

Coordinates (if available)

-11.0093, -95.6755


18 May 2019

Short Description

Crashed anaconda "Bug Killer" & Wrecked SRV


This is the site of a crashed Anaconda. There are 3x cargo bins to shoot. Material drops include G4 (Tellurium); G5 (Antimony) & G4 (Ruthenium).

Scan the 3x communication beacons for G4 & G5 data. The crashed Anaconda is a really good place to farm high end data and material simply by relogging.

Two alien interceptors occasionally show up. You'll notice them on radar and by the noise/vibrations they make. These are not hostile, so don't shoot them unless you want to die a horrible death. I've noticed that there are two variants of interceptors. Relogging will change the spawns occasionally.

You'll need experimental xeno scanners to be able to scan the interceptors as your normal scanners will not work.

Wrecked SRV is about 4 kilometres away from the crashed Anaconda, bearing 270 degrees. You can see the beacon from your ship. Usually spawns two random materials, and will always contain 1x occupied pod, and 1x H.E Suit around the vehicle.

The terrain between the two sites spawns arsenic outcrops.

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Anaconda crash site

Activities at crash site

Scanning will fail without experimental xeno-scanner equipment

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