Elite Dangerous

Commander Avaery, 27 April 2019


Elite Dangerous



Point of Interest

Planet A, 2B Icy Ring

Coordinates (if available)


27 April 2019

Short Description

Strip mining low temperature diamonds


Woke up at 3am with the sudden urge to mine Low Temperature Diamonds in my new Imperial Cutter. Three hours later i have 512 tonnes of LTDs. Selling it net a little over 600 million CR. The highest haul in one hit on my account. Amazing little profit for such a small amount of time investment.

Although weighing up the option between mining Low Temperature Diamonds and Painite, I have to prefer the latter because it is more consistent to find Painite in pristine metallic rings than it is for LTDs. In Icy Rings you find a lot of water and other worthless minerals where as in metallic rings you'll see a lot more asteroids with Painite, even at low yields.

Borann is the place to go because there is an icy ring with a triple overlapping hotspot. You want to drop out of supercruise right in the middle of the overlapping hotspots. If pirates honk you at the initial 5 minutes of dropping into the ring, either run away or blast them into space.

Bring as many limpets as you can carry because you can just dump them if your cargo hold is full. I seem to spend a lot more limpets than I would normally with Painite mining.

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Low Temperature Diamond hotspot in Borann A 2B

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