Elite Dangerous

Commander Avaery, 25 April 2019


Elite Dangerous


Shinrarta Dezhra

Point of Interest

Jameson Memorial

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25 April 2019

Short Description

After two years I got my first Imperial Cutter, the largest ship in the game.


After two years I got my first Imperial Cutter, the largest ship in the game.

The Imperial Cutter fulfils a similar role to the Corvette for the Imperial Navy. The design philosophy reflects Imperial sensibilities as it is faster and more elegant than the Corvette, but doesn't quite match it in firepower. As with other Imperial warships the Cutter is also used for projecting soft power, via diplomatic missions and support for friendly powers. It is possible, although rare, for a well connected client or patron to own one of these ships. Like the Corvette, some models can deploy two small fighter sized ships, although civilian models are restricted to one.In-game description

It cost about 187 million CR with a 10% discount at Jameson Memorial. It's not the best discount available in the game, but it is the most convenient location to outfit the ship. All available weapons, parts and modules in the game can be purchased at Jameson Memorial, which is located in a system that is permit locked to players with an Elite rank. No need to fly around the quadrant seeking something out and then finding it unavailable! Outfitting this thing for mining will probably cost another 500 million minimum. A combat A rated Imperial Cutter is estimated to cost 1 billion.

I've outfitted my Cutter for mining. I can just run from NPC pirates. When I'm actually mining I swap out the 5H GUARDIAN FSD BOOSTER, 6A FUEL SCOOP and 1E ADVANCED DOCKING COMPUTER for three additional 5A COLLECTOR LIMPET CONTROLLER to bring my maximum limpet controllers up to 12.

With the kind of money you bring in from Painite and Low Temperature Diamond strip mining, you're not really going to have an issue. I can bring in about 400 million CR every two hours doing strip mining.

It is an impressive ship and quite beautiful to look at! Grinding my Imperial rank to King was totally worth it although I just wanted it for its cargo space. Two class 8 slots for 512 tonnes of cargo space makes it effectively double the size of the Anaconda.

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Imperial Cutter

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