Elite Dangerous

Commander Avaery, 22 April 2019


Elite Dangerous


Ngalinn & Mainani

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22 April 2019

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Imperial rank grind at systems Ngalinn/Mainani, data courier runs.


I finally decided to do the Imperial rank grind to King so that I can purchase an Imperial Cutter, one of the largest vessels in the game. Starting from a lowly rank of Outsider I made my way to the systems Ngalinn & Mainani. I got myself a small Imperial Courier ship and modified it for speed. All it had to do was to get me from A to B to C in the shortest time possible as i accepted as many Empire data missions between two or more stations.

It's a boring grind, but I managed to get it done in about 18 hours over two days.

When you accept mission rewards prioritise Reputation+ or Reputation++ unless it's not an option, then just take the material or cash reward available. Reputation+ reward makes the rank grind go a little bit faster. It also boosts your superpower reputation.

The greatest bottleneck is the occasional rank ascension quest and you want to do go for the data courier missions, or possibly a delivery of ~100 tonnes of cargo. It's possible that you'll need a medium freighter around to do this. The stations in these systems cannot accept large vessels.

I pushed my Imperial rank all the way up to Imperial King. Now i'm maxed out in the Empire rank and can afford an Imperial Cutter! WHOOSH!

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Imperial Courier

Two hours later - already a Baron!




Then another TEN hours for Prince, and then finally King!

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