Elite Dangerous

Commander Avaery, 18 April 2019


Elite Dangerous


HIP 21991 1A

Point of Interest

Painite Hot Spot

Coordinates (if available)


18 April 2019

Short Description

Laser mining Painite at HIP 21991 1A


It's been about a year since I've played Elite Dangerous. I'm taking my Anaconda ship out to HIP 21991 1A after a tip from the Elite Miner subreddit.

The word out there is that laser mining is highly profitable despite the rush for Void Opals since the 3.3 update.

I've equipped my Anaconda with multiple 5D Collector Limpet Controllers, 4A Refinery, 3A Prospector Limpet Controller, 3x Medium Mining Lasers and Cargo Racks. This is a stock vessel with no engineering.

The first run out there was a total success. It took about 4 hours to fill my cargo hold after a bit of experimentation and figuring out how laser mining works.

To optimise the run I will need to engineer my ship and better equip the Anaconda. Started the day with 60 million in the bank, and ended the session with 252 million! As a bonus it immediately raised my trading rank too.

An incredibly useful community made tool for mining here.

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The Anaconda is a large multi-role vessel

Learning to laser mine

Feels like a hive ship, deploying drones to collect the goods

Full up, heading back to sell the goodies

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