Grindy, Frustrating Sandbox MMORPG

I feel really bad in saying this. This is game is torture and boring as heck.

You need tons of resources to do anything and gathering resources takes up all of your time. This is not fun at all. This needs to change especially at the start of the game.

I joined a hostile world and thought maybe i would have a little challenge at the beginning. I spawned into an ugly looking world, right next to a nest of monsters, with few suitable areas to start a base. Those monsters immediately turn hostile and murders me.

I respawn and the game puts me in the same area, so those hostile monsters turn on me and i ran. I don't know how far I got but they stopped bothering me.

Then I spent a long time gathering resources with a stick until I was able to build a campfire and crafting table.

A hostile monster wandered into my camp site and then I was forced to defend myself again by glitching around a block and smashed it in the face. I got raw meat from the encounter but could do nothing with it.

To give myself a safe space to figure out how to play this game I decided to dig around the area and build a small mud house. This kept the enemies at bay for a time, but my character was already quite hungry.

I recalled collecting some raw meat, but I couldn't work out how to cook it in game. I thought the campfire would be the place to cook meat but it turns out I need a stone furnace to do so. Whoever designed it this way needs to be slapped in the back of the head.

With limited energy remaining I began looking for stone but as the area I spawned in was largely sand/mud/clay, water and vegetation there was hardly any rock/stone. I also needed flint. I never found any.

So i decided to craft the only thing I could at the crafting table - A simple bow! I got out of my house and started sniping the hostile monsters in the area that made a terrible mess of me when I spawned. Those took a long time to kill but revenge was strangely satisfying.

I had heaps of raw meat, bone, blood and other drops but no way to cook the raw meat. Regretfully my character (probably) died of starvation.

Reflecting on my 1 hour demo of this game: I felt anger, frustration, humiliation and rage. I own and play a lot of sandbox games and I'm relieved that I no longer have to torture myself with this game.

2019, games, journal

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