Legendary Items Update

Alliance: Shadow Briest

Got the Best-in-Slot Mangaza's Madness legendary belt for my Shadow Priest, from a Blingtron Box, on the last day of the Legion expansion. Why Blizzard why?!


Mangaza's Madness

This belt gives me an extra charge to Mind Blast which is a useful in between my single target damage rotation. It should greatly improve the flow of battle.

I'll have the belt replace my former Zenk'aram, Iridi's Anadem helm which gave me a passive boost in void damage. It was probably the weakest legendary item for a Shadow Priest.


Zenk'aram, Iridi's Anadem

My second Best-in-Slot is the Sephuz's Secret which temporary boosts my Haste attribute after stunning or interrupting an enemy. It doesn't work on bosses very well (as bosses are generally immune to stuns) but it is useful for regular dungeons and clearing out trash. I use this item in conjunction with a stun bomb talent for the Shadow Priest.


Sephuz's Secret

I got Soul of the High Priest from my 1000 awakening essences this week. I'm not sure how useful it is but according to icy veins, this item is a bit average as all it only gives you Twists of Fate talent for free, whilst the two other options available to Shadow Priest talent tree, only gives a small boost in sustained damage. It'll probably go into void bank.


Soul of the High Priest

Horde: Windwalker Monk

I recently boosted a Monk to 110 and have been playing this character along with Ludy, Juster and Caylith. She is pretty strong melee DPS toon and is fortunately quite fun. I've been having a blast and now I'm levelling a Void Elf Monk on the alliance side (as I don't want to pay for another boost).


Kil'Jaeden's Burning Wish

I scored Kil'Jaeden's Burning Wish from a faction box reward in Suramar last week. This is apparently one of the non-class based Legendary trinklets that is quite outstanding for clearing trash mobs whilst levelling.

Whilst not the best legendary item for a Monk it will come in handy when I level from 110 to 120 in the next expansion, as you can go and collect all the mobs you intend to exterminate and then use this trinklet to turn the monsters into ash.

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