Using Annual Leave For BFA

Annual leave has been submitted, now waiting for manager's approval. I've been preparing my WoW characters for the last three months, for the day BFA launches.

For the first time it is not the middle of the night for us Aussies. To be honest I don't think i would be able to concentrate knowing that the other people in my raid group would be steam rolling the new expansion content whilst I sat around at work.


Taking 13-17 August, RDO will be moved from 10 August to 13 August (not submitted yet).

I took the whole week off to get the excitement out of my system. This way I could also pace myself through out the week, instead of trying to cram as much as I could.

I have a Space Goat Holy Priest on the Alliance side, and a Bloody Elf Windwalker Monk on the Horde side. It's possible i might work on a Void Elf Monk for the Alliance side too. I'm enjoying the Monk class way too much.

I boosted my Monk under pressure from the boys over the weekend. It was a wise decision. Even with 870 gear the monk had the burst power to take down rare bosses of the same level. Now that it is at 900+ gear, the monk is already crushing the content in Argus. The amount of damage it puts out is ridiculous compared to my Shadow Priest.

I have not tried healing or tanking as a Monk yet but I'm told those specialisations are just as fun.

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