Agents of Mayhem: Initial Impressions

Agents of Mayhem is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. The game was released in August 2017. The game's themes are based on Saturday-morning cartoons and superhero films. It is set in the same fictional universe as Volition's Saints Row series, and includes several plot and character crossovers.


Initially I couldn't launch the game but after updating my Nvidia GPU drivers the game restarted without a hitch. I'm actually surprised how smooth the game runs at 1080p on my potato machine. The game seems to be well optimised considering how much special effects occur during intense battles between the forces of LEGION and agents of MAYHEM.


There are twelve unique Agents of Mayhem to choose from. They come with their own back stories and reasons to be involved with Mayhem. You are first introduced to three Agents: a sky pirate "Fortune"; a United States Navy chief petty officer "Hardtack", and an actor "Hollywood".

Progression is achieved through the completion of missions and open world contracts. These operations allow you to unlock more Agents, cash, blue prints, cosmetic items and crafting resources. Most of the open world missions are procedurally generated and become rather repetitive due to the lack of variety. The story missions are scripted but quite fun.

There is probably over 50 hours of gameplay content without including the contracts / online content.

The humor is a hit or miss for a mature audience. Some moments are quite funny whilst others are cringey. August Gant was one super villian i had great joy in defeating because he was so annoying!


I've reached 30 hours so far, so I'm probably half way through the game. I have been satisfied so far and will most likely continue until I've completed the main story. Overall a highly recommended game!

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