Gigantic: Review

Perfect World International's Gigantic is a team shooter game similar to the likes of Paladins and Overwatch. The game has a twist, players have to attack/defend creature nodes, and then escort their team's gigantic monsters. Points are scored when the enemy's creature is pinned to the ground, exposing it's life crystal which will allow your team to destroy (and wound the creature).

Currently there are a bunch of heroes of varying roles to unlock and play. My favorite is HK206, a deployable sentry gun that lays down fire support suppression where necessary. I'm also enjoying Beckett, who is a soldier that can switch between dual sub machine guns and a 3-shot rocket launcher.

The matches are too short though. It only takes 3 points to secure victory and I feel that games aren't long enough to enjoy the fun of a fully levelled character.

Characters will be allocated skill points with each level, and then the base skills can be improved to increase your efficiency. My preference for HK206 is to improve damage in the fortify mode. Buffs to damage and defense in the fortified stance allows HK206 to shred enemy guardians, bots and players to pieces!

I also happen to rack up kills in this mode, more so than any other character available to me at this time.

Ever day you log in there are cards that become available - which are essentially daily quests that reward you for gameplay. You typically get one a day, and pickup others through levelling. Additional cards are gated behind a paywall using the premium currency ingame.

Non premium currency is earned by playing the game and earning it through card completions. Levelling up your account/characters will also reward some currency, which is then used to unlock characters or skins. Of course you can bypass all these by just buying the $30 pack, which unlocks all toons for the life of the game.

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