RIFT: Armored Ethereal Drake Mount

I've been going pretty hard at RIFT recently. Steam records a little over 260 hours in a month. Today I finally got to Level 70 and I kept a bunch of loot crates in the bank. Finally had the chance to open some of those crates.

This cash shop mount: Armored Ethereal Drake appeared in my inventory!

Pretty stoked with this mount. It looks gorgeous and applies to the whole account. I was able to make it amphibious with an underwater training manual, that I also got from a loot crate!

I also received two costume bundles and a vial of experience (now useless at level 70).

Now that I've hit 70 I'll need to gear up and work on the Eternal weapon. I am so underpowered wearing low level gear it's quite frustrating!

I've not played RIFT in years but this recent visit is likely going to keep me interested for a while.

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