80 Days

80 Days is a game loosely based on Jules Verne's novel 'Around the World in Eighty Days'. It was originally created for the iOS but later ported to the PC platform in 2015. I managed to pick up this game for $1 on Humble Bundle. I read the book many years ago and i still remember bits and pieces of the story so I thought it would be interesting to play a game loosely based on the plot.

It's not a bad port but I would have liked a bit more clarification when presented different options at the scripted events. The game is likened to 'choose your own adventure' type click games and the objective is to race around the globe before the 80 days are up.

You might want to brush up on your world geography before getting started because I struggled initially trying to remember place names and their geographic location in respect to the cities I visited in the game. Some modern history lessons will also help especially during the 1872 period that the game is based on.

After three failed attempts i completed the game in 64 days out of 80. But getting all the achievements for this game will be a significant challenge (and fruitless frustration) due to random events beyond your control. Only 1% of the world's players have been able to get the 'Find Love in London' achievement which would entail meeting someone in your travels, then they somehow ending up back in London to meet you at the end of the journey (but in the book Fogg finds love, not Passepartout).

80 days, gaming, journey, geography, steam

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