WoW: Mythic Halls of Valor & Legendary Drop

Legendary Drop!

A member of our progression group in World of Warcraft got really lucky and picked up a best in slot legendary tonight during a Mythic Halls of Valor run!!! Everyone was ecstatic! ITS SO BEAUTIFUL. Gear level 895!!!! In terms of loot candy this is one of the best I've seen in any game for a while.

Mythic Halls of Valor

This is our first time into Mythic Halls of Valor and Odyn kicked our butts. We wiped 20+ times before we beat Odyn.

He was tough because he spawns an add who summons aoe lightning on the party and if we don't stun or interrupt him everyone takes big hits. At the same time Odyn will launch spears from the ground which explodes into balls of light which also stuns and does a lot of damage. Odyn have two other mechanics: one of which is to force you to run to a rune on the ground and the other is to pull you into him before he pounds the ground killing anyone caught within the area of effect.

Despite all that we didn't give up and beat him. YAY!

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