Black Desert Online: Distance Bonus Map

Today I'm working on a distance bonus map between villages and cities in the world of Black Desert Online. The distance bonus is calculated at a base percentage between one town to another and indicates to the trader the bonus they will receive when trading between the origin and destination.

The total profit will vary depending on other factors like the base value of the traded items and a successful bargain with the NPC.

This is a map useful for someone planning trade routes.

Work In Progress

With all routes turned on. The sea route was distracting so I used a definition query to hide the route data.

With Illya route turned off.

I'm using line features to display the routes. Then using quantitative symbology and a gradient colour scheme. The tricky bit is finding colours that make sense and stand out on the map. Essentially the darker lines represent a larger distance bonus offset, but the user will also have to take into consideration the topography, travel plan and time.

black desert online, mapping, trade routes, distance bonus, cartography, arcgis

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