Black Desert Online

Beginner Trader's Run


George Wong


Black Desert Online


Created on 30 March, 2016


ESRI ArcMap 10.1


Black Desert Online is a sandbox-oriented massive multiplayer online role-playing game by game developer Pearl Abyss. This map series is produced for educational purposes.

Data is derived from in-game experience and gathered knowledge from a variety of sources.


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This is a map showing my Beginner to Apprentice Trading Run in Black Desert Online.

Routes are shown as a guide only. You do not have to follow the route displayed. Check local prices for commodities and adjust your routes accordingly.

You will need to connect the nodes along the trade run in order to maximise your returns. The idea with this route is to sell as many items as possible initially to raise your trading skill (bargain with the trade vendor if you're making a loss - only do it once per trade even if it fails). Pick up a farm wagon for 180,000 silver and trade away. You'll get about 630 LT and 14 inventry slots. Note: Horses can be individually connected to your farm wagon (recommended).

Start doing the farming nodes between Olvia and Veila, then when you hit Apprentice 1 start working on the nodes in the Heidel and Glishy Town area. You do not need to worry about distance bonus at this stage. Focus on selling quantity because the more you sell, the more experience you get.

When you're Apprentice 5, pick up the Apprentice Trader's Outfit for +1 Luck and +5% Trading Experience.

This should be sufficient for you to start your trade empire.

Map created on 29 March 2016. Map created for educational purposes.

Download Map (4 MB PDF)


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