Black Desert Online

AFK Trader's Run


George Wong


Black Desert Online


Created on 30 March, 2016


ESRI ArcMap 10.1


Black Desert Online is a sandbox-oriented massive multiplayer online role-playing game by game developer Pearl Abyss. This map series is produced for educational purposes.

Data is derived from in-game experience and gathered knowledge from a variety of sources.


Download Map (5 MB PDF)


This is a map showing my AFK trading run in Black Desert Online. My trader is at Skilled 2 at the time of publication. Map created for educational purposes.

Routes are shown as a guide only. You do not have to follow the route displayed. Check local prices for commodities and adjust your routes accordingly.

You will need to connect the nodes along the trade run in order to maximise your returns. The idea with this route is to set your destination and have auto pilot take your trader from town to town. You can minimise the game or watch TV whilst your character travels to the next node. You should do this under level 45 on the North American server or you'll get ganked by player killers!

Minimum effort, maximise profit from AFK trading.

Map created on 29 March 2016.

Download Map (5 MB PDF)


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