Mapping Exercises

I found high resolution imagery of the Black Desert Online game world and decided that I would put together some maps in relation to the static game world data. It's good practice using ArcGIS and this will be my personal mappping project on top of the ones at work. Might even learn some new techniques in the process.

The first step was to track down some imagery. I dont have the skills to extract the tiles from the BDO Web Map Services floating around the web so I relied on other artists to stitch together high resolution rasters. Once I've narrowed down a good set of maps I projected the imagery into a local spatial projection. Without fixed ground control points I dont really know how to create a local projection that makes sense. I will need to investigate this further. In the mean time I'm using a local cartesian coordinate system.

Once i had the spatial extent I would be working in, I had to georeference the imagery so that they would seamlessly overlap each other between the different scales. Some imagery were high resolution but with low accuary. Others were low resolution but high accuracy. I wanted to create a mosaic but it was overkill at this point, so I imported the rasters into a separate file geodatabase, then used some similar points from each raster to join the imagery.

Then I had to figure out the data types and sources of information. In most games information is data mined or crowd sourced. I am lucky that this isn't the first time the game has been launched so there are tons of data mined from the game client, and crowd sourced information on the web. Even before I have yet to play the game. The tricky bit was translations, conflicts between different game versions, and data accuracy. The only way to validate the information was to play the game, but I don't want to spend all my down time making this map and miss out on actually playing the game.

The solution was to digitise the world data that'll benefit me directly when exploring the game world. Then it wouldn't feel like I'm ruining the fun!

I begin initially with points of interest. I needed to unlock nodes and resource points in this game and knowing where the darn things are is a major part of game world exploration.

The three images above show different rasters in the same spatial extent, but displayed at different scales.

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