World of Warcraft Subscription

Ludy asked me to join him on World of Warcraft. I've avoided this game like the plague for close to ten years. But without many PVE focused MMORPGs on the horizon, I think it's time to take a dive into WoW now. It also has tons of PVE content and raiding to do. I'm also wiser now, knowing how to deal with gaming addiction.

Black Desert Online was on my radar until I found out it has no real end game things to do except excessive crafting and PVP. Plus I'm sick of paying $100 for early access. These early access games can go to hell. Unfinished, buggy pieces of software, that rarely deliver what was promised. I dont think I can count many early access games I've bought in to which has satisfied me at release.

I hit the level cap at 52 in Devilian Online and consider that game complete. It was well worth the $20 for the experience boost because I dont think i can be bothered with the gear grind at level cap. The game was essentially one massive grind after another and there is little story to be told. The action RPG element was great but the fun wears off after a few hours at level cap. It shouldn't surprise me that end game content was difficult to get groups for as a lot of people hit that level cap and quit.

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