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Created on 23 September, 2015


This is a class guide for the Knight in Skyforge. Knights are best used as main tanks in group content, but can also be tweaked for front line damage and PVP. The Knight relies on mitigation and crowd control as opposed to the Paladin which relies on Shielding. Knights in my opinion are better than Paladins for tanking in a variety of group based situations.

This is a guide for grouping and main tanking. I haven't reached Operations (36k+ prestige) so you'll need to refer to Operations specific guides elsewhere.

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Version 1.0


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Access to the knight class



This is a class guide for the Knight in Skyforge. Knights are best used as main tanks in group content, but can also be tweaked for front line damage and PVP. The Knight relies on mitigation and crowd control as opposed to the Paladin which relies on Shielding. Knights in my opinion are better than Paladins for tanking in a variety of group based situations.

This is a guide for main tanking in groups. For solo gameplay click here.

As Skyforge US is in Open Beta, the effects of skills and talents are likely to change and the build documented below are valid at the time of publication. I may update the guide should any future changes significantly alter the viability of the build.

Primary Attributes

There are six primary attributes in Skyforge. These include Might, Strength, Valor, Spirit, Luck and Stamina. Each have corresponding damage types. Pick two primary damage attributes and stick with it.

For my Knight I use Strength and Spirit, therefore raising maximum base and impulse damage. Alternatively you could pick Luck and Spirit if you prefer critical damage. Don't pick one of everything and distribute your stats across all four primary attributes. It's the best way to building a terrible Knight.

Primary Attribute Effect Comments
Strength Increases base damage Important, raises weapon damage.
Valor Increases bonus chance Ignore attribute.
Luck Increases critical damage Ignore attribute unless you choose to go Luck/Spirit instead of Strength/Spirit.
Spirit Increases impulse damage Important, raises skill damage.
Might Increases minimum base damage Avoid raising this if possible, you will inevitably raise it on the Ascension Atlas but because it's not scaling properly (circa August 2015), this attribute is underpowering your character whilst increasing the difficulty of the game. It also increases your gear proficiency. If you have a choice between upgrading Might, Strength, Spirit and Stamina, pick Spirit first and take Might last.
Stamina Increases your health points Important, your Resolute Rebuff and Shields depend on your health pool!

Secondary Attributes

These are secondary attributes which you can pick up on your Rings and Order (Chapels). There are a bunch of them so I'll only list the vital ones to consider for the Knight in tanking situations.

Secondary Attribute Effect Comments
Discharge Recovery Increases the recharge rate of Impulse Charge Caps at -40%. Drops the Impulse Charge recovery from 10 seconds to 6 seconds at maximum cap. Very important as the more Impulse Charges you have, the more frequent you can proc your passive talents like Impulse Barrier and Painful Spasms. Impulse charges are also the main way you'll be doing damage for a Spirit Knight.
Dash Activiation Reduces the time to recover Dash. Mitigation tanks are clever and avoid damage instead of taking it in the face. The more dashes you have, the higher chance you'll survive an encounter. You also need dashes to proc passive talents like Clever Maneuvre and Inertia.
Health Bonus Increases your health points by a percentage Important for tank build.
Adaptation Incoming damage is reduced temporarily if you take consistent hits. Only works if your shield isn't up. It's pretty effective at absorbing hard hits from mobs.


You start off with three symbols by default. Then you gain two for every class mastered.

The Knight should consider using the following symbols. This is not listed in any order of importance. Pick whatever you fancy and run with it as it'll depend on the state or progression of your ascension atlas. Currently I'm using Ultimate Strength, Impulse Intensity, Impulse Barrier, Painful Spasms, Shroud of Light, Bloodiness, Double Discharge, Clever Maneuver, and Inertia. I'll be getting Balance and Invincible Will next (31 August 2015).

Generally I don't reset my symbols when i change builds so I'll list both Solo and Tanking symbols here. Eventually you'll get (13 * 2) + 3 = 29 symbols.

Symbol Method/Comment
Master the Paladin. This is overpowered. Take it because it is vital for every class/role. Pray they don't nerf it. Can get this early.
Master the Lightbinder. Great for opening a fight with a shield already on you.
Master the Berserker. Gives you a temporary damage boost. Procs more often when you're on low health.
Master the Monk. Gives you a 20% damage boost to stunned targets. Everytime you use Earthquake or Battering Ram, that's 20% extra damage!
Master the Alchemist. Gives you a 15% damage boost when you use a combat skill. This procs very frequently since all your rotations will have a chance to trigger it.
Master the Knight. For tanking.
Master the Gunner. For tanking.
Master the Kinetic. If you're a Spirit Knight, you'll want this as you'll be using Impulse Charges all the time.
Master the Cryomancer. Immobilises a target near you. This doesn't stun/interrupt the target though, it just immobilises the target for a short duration.
Impulse Barrier is very important for both damage and tanking builds. You can get two symbols at the moment.
Important for Strength/Spirit builds. You can get up to six symbols at the moment. Two initially before God Form.
More Impulse Charges. Take it.
Everyone uses it. Take it. You'll get it as your first Symbol anyway.
Another CC for tanking. It's hidden behind a pink node.
Great for kiting mobs before bashing them with Battering Ram or Earthquake.
For tanking.
If you're a spirit knight, take it.
Everytime you make contact with something and activate an impulse charge, it places a DOT on all the targets affected by the value of your Spirit. So if you have 10,000 Spirit then the DOT will be 3333 x 3 ticks. It is AWESOME.
For tanking.
For tanking.

Guide For Main Tanking

Rotations for tanking in Skyforge is fairly straight foward. Knock down the enemy, keep them stunned, manage your resources. Kite when necessary. You rely on DPS to burn enemies and make them drop orbs, and mitigate damage via dashes and reflect shield. Use Resolute Defense for the shield buff and extra energy sparringly. Maintain threat by using Spear Throw or stabbing things with Lunge. You would always have Barrier II up at all times unless you're comfortable with your stun rotations.


Group/Main Tank, Knight Skill Calculator

Knight Skill Effect Comments
Barrier II Defensive stance that reduces incoming damage by 25%, but Willpower is recovered at half the usual rate. Using abilities that consume Willpower make the Barrier last 4 seconds longer, and it absorbs twice as much damage, reflecting half of absorbed damage back at the enemy. The amount of reflected damage cannot exceed 12% of the Knight's maximum health. Shield stance, compulsory. Probably close to 100% uptime except between fights.
Resolute Rebuff Absorbs all incoming damage as long as the Knight stands still while using it (up to 3 seconds). When it ends, it inflicts damage to all nearby enemies in the amount equal to the damage absorbed but no more than 25% of the Knight's maximum health. Monsters are forced to attack the Knight for the duration of the attack and 4 seconds after it ends. For group encounters to reflect massive amounts of damage back at your opponents. Good for countering boss special attacks.
Resolute Defense Generates 100 points of Willpower, and abilities that consume Willpower will create a shield around the Knight that absorbs damage equal to 15% of the Knight's maximum health for 4 seconds. Duration: 15 seconds. Your emergency battery for oh-shit moments. The shield is awesome and that is why you need to boost Health since it is percentage based.
Stray Attack II Inflicts 1.38x base damage to enemies around the Knight and creates a shield that absorbs damage equal to 2% of the Knight's maximum health. Chance of activation depends on the number of affected enemies. Activates Impulse Charge. I only use this when facing three or more monsters and when I don't have an impulse charge. I reserve Impulse Charges for Battering Ram or Crushing Blow.
Earthquake Deals 1.13x base damage to enemies in a large area around the Knight, knocking them down and pulling them toward the Knight. After landing, their movement speed is reduced by 75% for 3 seconds. For Crowd Control and your knockdown. Can alternate between Battering Ram to chain stun groups of monsters.
Stunning Blow The Knight leaps towards the enemy and stuns them for 3.5 seconds. When they land, the Knight inflicts 0.94x base damage to nearby targets. Don't use this. It's a waste of willpower.
Whiplash Restores 50% of the Knight's maximum health and deals X-Y damage to nearby enemies. I think it restores 100% of your health. This is your ultimate which is pretty rad as you can activate it after you've been killed.


Synergies between your skills and talents make up the build. Equipment then raises the effectiveness of your skills.

Knight Talent Effect Comments
Collision Battering Ram stuns enemies for 2 seconds and inflicts 120% more damage when Impulse Charge is activated. Group knockdown.
Rampage of Strength Increases impulse damage by 20% and restores 10 points of Willpower when Impulse Charge is activated. This is why you're a spirit based Knight.
Heavy Tread Havoc II immobilizes player characters and stuns monsters for 2 seconds. It can be used only once every 4 seconds. Makes Earthquake into a CC.
Counter-Grip The enhanced effect of Barrier II lasts 1 second longer, and Lunge will restore 2 points of Willpower while it is active. Lunge gives you energy and the stance is a bit better.
Unshakable The Knight is immune to control effects when their health is higher than 70%. Some monsters and players use things like fear, weapon disarm, and burning effects on you. You become immune to them which is handy. The last boss in Daren's Facility does a group AOE fear and with this you won't flee from the boss like the rest of your group.
Rockwall Barrier and Barrier II absorb 5% more damage. The Knight generates 400% more threat. Your threat generator.
Knightly Daring Reduces the cooldown of Rebuff and Stronghold for 5 seconds. So you can use your Rebuff more often. I usually use this as a reference for when the boss will do his special again. Boss special attacks are normally between 10-15 seconds apart.
Daring Youth If Battering Ram hits an enemy at the end of the run, one Dash charge is restored. If Battering Ram is used when not enough Dash charges are available, the Knight receives two Dash charges. This can happen no more than once every 30 seconds. Quick way to replenish dashes.


For main weapon you want one to extend the duration of Tantrum / Resolute Defense. This makes your emergency battery last longer.

For the Offhand you want the one that reduces the willpower required for Earthquake. You should never use white quality offhands as you need the Trauma Damage Reduction. You should consider replacing the Legendary Collector items by around 15k as the secondary effect will lose its impact because you will need the additional stamina to survive.


Ideally you want 4x Amulets with Falconry and Earthquake.


Ideally you want 4x Rings with Strength, Spirit, Discharge Recovery and Health Bonus. This will be used by both DPS and Tanking builds unless you prefer Spirit/Luck, where you may want Discharge Recovery and Accuracy/Critical Chance instead. Drops are random and can take a while to collect desirable attributes.

Rotations For Melee, Group Trash / Bosses

Earthquake, Battering Ram, Earthquake, Battering Ram, Reflect Shield, Earthquake, Battering Ram, Probably time to use Resolute Defense, Earthquake, Battering Ram, repeat till stuff is dead.

Managing Threat

If enemies can be stunned use Earthquake and Battering Ram. If they can't be stunned use Spear Throw which forces the target on you for 6 seconds and keep throwing the spear throughout the fight. For bosses this doesn't normally work but do it for the adds. Crowd control is your responsibility as the tank, keep the adds off your party.

Your threat generator should keep mobs locked on you but some classes like the Kinetic and the Archer will sometimes manage to take the mob from you through their specials.


Falconry or Spear Throw will do the trick, then manage the rest of the adds with Earthquake and Battering Ram. Don't forget to raise your Barrier II. Line of sight if necessary for ranged mobs, use environmental objects or walls to your advantage because mobs have basic pathfinding.


Try to turn the enemies away from your party so their backs are facing your party. This ensures that the monster's AOE special attacks don't reach your party members if they're in effective range. It also allows you to keep sight of your party members at all times.

Other Advice

Use environmental objects to your advantage. Most objects can shield you from special attacks. In Leunar Swamps the final boss will punch his fists into the ground faster than the rotation for your Reflect Shield. Use the tents for cover!

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