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2015 Early Access Preview


George Wong

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Created on 25 April, 2015


Killing Floor 2 early access on Steam PC. Some thoughts, preview and critique.

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Killing Floor 2, Steam, PC, USD$30.00





Killing Floor 2 early access on Steam PC. Some thoughts, preview and critique.

Killing Floor 2 is a first person shooter / zombie apocalypse survival game. It is the sequel to Killing Floor 1 with an updated engine (customised Unreal Engine 3) and better graphics. It features around 4 classes with unique perks at Early Access. Developers wish to release around 10 or more classes by the time the game goes live. So far we have access to the Commando, the Supporter, the Medic and the Berserker. There are only 3 maps in Early Access (EA) which get pretty repetitive given the amount of time I'm spending on this game already!

For an Early Access title the game is refreshingly smooth and bug free. Tweaks will definitely need to be made in terms of difficulty, game balance and monster behaviour but I'm largely impressed by how good the game runs out of the box. The persistent gore and special effects are a welcome change compared to the original title.

Early Access

Zed Time

I love Zed Time. It looks awesome as the screen changes to black and white, but keeps the red blood splatter effects and gore.

Killing Floor 2 Killing Floor 2 Killing Floor 2 Killing Floor 2


Having played KF1 extensively, KF2 is fairly easy to pick and play. The quirks and game style remains largely the same and there is a level of skill in knowing the finer characteristics of the weapon you're using. I love double barrel shotgun (or "boomstick"). I run up to zeds at melee range and "BOOM"! Pieces of zed go flying everywhere especially with Level 18 support at 400% plus shotgun pellet penetration.

Killing Floor 2 Killing Floor 2

I'm doing ok! I rapidly levelled my perks in solo offline mode by repeating the first 4 waves of Hard / Long games. Easy way to rake up the experience required to level up the perks. It took like 30 minutes to rank up to level 8 support solo. This isn't the first time I'm playing Killing Floor after all.

Killing Floor 2 Killing Floor 2

Boss Wave

The first boss looks pretty rad. He is a bullet sponge and can take a lot of damage. He was pretty hard on the first go. It took me 10-15 minutes to kill him on my first solo attempt. It's tougher in a group. The more players, the more health monsters have in Killing Floor.

Killing Floor 2


This is going to be a wonderful upgrade from Killing Floor 1. It is well worth the asking price of USD$30.00. The extra skins contained in the digital collector's edition USD$40.00 isn't worth it though. You won't really pay attention to the skins during the game.

Killing Floor 2 Early Access is now available on the Steam platform. Be mindful that game features will change right up until the game is released. I have only experienced one annoying bug to do with the ingame voice chat. The game would temporarily freeze the screen when i push-to-talk. Releasing the button the game will return to normal after about 5 seconds. No idea why this is happening because other players can hear me after the initial screen freeze. It comes and goes throughout a game.

I'm worried about censorship. The persistent blood and gore is awesome and I want that to stay. Even though Australia has the R18+ classifications for video games it doesn't mean that there won't be any modifications to the core game to limit or remove the gore like Left 4 Dead 2.

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