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Item Modding using Cheat Engine


George Wong

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Created on 28 December, 2013


This modding tutorial requires the use of Cheat Engine (latest version), the client (Steam patched to version 8) and at least one weapon or utility type from the game (i.e. Melee Weapon, Firearm, Ammo, Explosive etc) in your inventory. It also uses a compiled Cheat Table by Cielos (+14 Table Update7.5, for game Update8, with AOB scans, uploaded 2 November 2013).

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Released, Version 1.0

State of Decay State of Decay


This State of Decay item modding tutorial uses of Cheat Engine 6.3 to create new or edit existing items in the user's inventory by changing the item codes. It also uses a compiled Cheat Table by Cielos (+14 Table Update7.5, for game Update8, with AOB scans, uploaded 2 November 2013).

So far i have been able to modify and duplicate Melee Weapons, Firearms, Utilities, Ammo and Backpacks.

The game will very likely crash during modding, and as there is no way to save the game manually you'll have to be extra cautious with what values you change.It's a good idea to do a simple side missions between major additions in order to save the game progressively. The game will autosave between missions but not during one.



  1. Start State of Decay, then change to window mode (Alt+Enter). This makes it easier to switch to Cheat Engine to modify item values and codes.
  2. Launch Cheat Engine, point to the running State of Decay process and open Cielos' cheat table.
  3. Click on Enable then scroll down to [Pointers] > [Inventory]. It should now show you 10 bag slots with "Type", "Value", "Durability" and "Ammo".
    • "Type" is typically the item's actual value.
    • "Value" appears to be the item quantity.
    • "Durability" affects whether the item is in decent condition or broken/damaged. Most weapons will not work when the durability is set to zero.
    • "Ammo" appears to be magazine size rather than the actual quantity of ammo in the weapon itself.
    State of Decay
  4. To change an item you'll need to modify the "Type" value. Refer to the attached excel spreadsheet for a list of item values. I don't know how reliable the codes are in different versions of the game but they appear to be static values on my computer. i.e. when the game is shutdown and restarted, the same values are used to point to that particular item.
  5. Once an item has been created, switch back to the game to update the inventory.
  6. It'll be easier if you move the item straight into the supply locker. This way you can just work with one inventory slot instead of modifying every single slot in cheat engine.

Item Creation or Modification

In the screenshow below, we are modifying slot 1 of the inventory. Inventory slots appear to run horizontal left to right. In Cheat Engine below, inventory 1 has the item value of "40000060" corresponds to the Light Machine Gun M27 IAR. Ignore the other values for now.

To duplicate the LMG M27 IAR, all you need to do is change slot 2 "Type" value from "00000000" to "40000060".

State of Decay

Inventory slots

Slot 2 is now a Revolver as shown below. The "Type" value of "40000016" corresponds with the item in the game inventory as a Snub Special 22. "Value" seems to refer to the value of the item if inserted into the supply locker. "Ammo" is the clip/magazine size. It's not the actual amount of ammo in the weapon.

State of Decay

Item durability

"Durability" affects the condition of the item. If it is below 30, it'll appear yellow or damaged. If durability is zero, the item cannot be used at all. In game if an item drops to zero during combat, it'll break and disappear from your inventory.

State of Decay

Null values

If an item doesn't exist you get a placeholder that looks like a dynamite. You can't actually use this item.

State of Decay

Firearms values

State of Decay

Ammo values

State of Decay


State of Decay

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