Cleric Class: Healing Guide For PvE / Dungeons


George Wong

Date, Revisions

Version 1.0 created on 9 May, 2013
Version 1.5 (Final) updated on 11 July, 2013.

Guide Summary

This is a healing guide for the Devoted Cleric class. It should be useful for levelling, normal and tier 1 dungeons. Tier 2 and Castle Never is a bit more troublesome.

Author notes

Version 1.5 is the final build for this guide.

14 June 2013 patch messed things up for the Devoted Cleric class. The developers made a series of silly changes that essentially makes the class unplayable at end game. As such i'm no longer playing Neverwinter. My recommendation at this point is to play any other class because it's just pointless to try to heal with a bunch of mediocre healing abilities.

In my opinion the June 2013 patch breaks the Devoted Class in both PvE/PvP. Let's face it. The DC resembles nothing like the Clerics of Dungeons and Dragons and there are better free to play games out there if you want to be a support/healer.

The developer tried to redefine the class but have utterly failed to deliver a class that specialises in either combat healing or offensive support.


Pinkeh's Devoted Cleric Healing Guide v1.5.pdf

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About This Guide

This guide was a working progress during my time spent in Perfect World Entertainment's Neverwinter. This guide looks at the Devoted Cleric only and contains information relating to class description, spells and traits, build rotations and equipment recommendations. Party tactics in general combat, dungeons or PVP are briefly discussed. It is primarily aimed at the healing/support roles.

Notice to Reader

Information provided in this guide is 'as-is'. As of July 2013 i'm no longer updating the guide as i'm not interested in playing the game anymore.

This document is my own work. Trademarks and images from Neverwinter belong to Perfect World Entertainment Inc and its licensors. Refer to references for external sources of information.

Revision History

Version Date Changes
1.0 09 May 2013 Added cleric feats.
1.1 10 May 2013 Added paragon powers, feats, encounters.
1.2 11 May 2013 Separated builds table from descriptions. Added abbreviations and glossary. Created additional sections for planning abilities, builds, gear.
1.3 11 May 2013 Added icons for feats / powers.
1.4 13 May 2013 Formatting and table of contents. Added more information on builds and abilities. Extended chapters to be covered. Added foundry content and guides.
1.5 (Final) 11 July 2013 Added T1 and T2 dungeon content, more on builds and epic gear suggestions. Revised layout and formatting.

Dungeon: The Cloaked Tower

Neverwinter Neverwinter

Epic Dungeon: Cragmire Crypts


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