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Richard Garriot's Tabula Rasa


AFS Foreas Base


14 September 2008



Xenet 12.01.88 System Msg

Network Connection Enabled


We have been hard pressed by the Bane for several weeks now at Foreas Base. This is the final bastion of defense for the AFS. The Bane developed a new chemical weapon and has been spotted deploying it on our soldiers. The toxins seem to make them aggressive and confused. Only yesterday half a dozen affected men charged the base with explosives strapped to their chest. Soldiers from the 7th Sniper Division cut them down... it wasn't pretty.

Rumor has it that the chemical weapon originated from AFS Black Ops. The Penumbra has been known for that sort of research. Some of the data was leaked several days ago, but all the people talking about it haven’t been seen since the incident. My research team has been trying to produce a cure, but all our tests have been unsatisfactory.

I hate this war. I hate this place. I hate the Foreans, and I hate the AFS. I do my duty and fight where necessary, but this war is never going to end... at least not before I am long dead. If faction in-fighting doesn’t get the best of the AFS, the Bane certainly will.

Andrew Winchester
AFS Field Surgeon
26th Biotech Division

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