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Richard Garriot's Tabula Rasa


Bane Torcastra Prison Facility


10 September 2008



Xenet 06.14.87 System Msg

Network Connection Enabled


AFS Intelligence suggested Bane forces were testing a new chemical toxin in the field. The Foreans believe it may be a weapon. My team was sent to investigate.

Martin, Nadia and I infiltrated the Torcastra Prison under the cover of darkness. The Thrax Soldiers on duty were largely non-responsive to our movements. Our stealth suits were excellent in these conditions and allowed us to sneak through the base undetected.

We discovered that the Bane was testing a bio-toxin on prisoners of war. Torcastra Prison was a massive field laboratory. I sent Martin to deactivate Bane security systems whilst Nadia went to neutralize Bane communications.

We had to shut this installation down and free any prisoners. First we had to neutralize our enemy's eyes and ears. Intel reports that a ship was shot down in the vicinity of Torcastra Prison and that Airman Hamilton was held within the facility. He had vital information for AFS forces in the area.

Nadia was first to report success. She disabled Bane communications and placed data miners in to their communications system. That should give Intel vital information about enemy movements in this region. I sent Nadia to free the POWs and Airman Hamilton. Martin crippled the base security systems but met with heavy Bane resistance. I watched in horror from a security feed as he was struck down by several elite Thrax Grenadiers.

The two Thrax Grenadiers that killed Martin patrolled the halls. Martin won't die in vain. I moved swiftly towards them and thrust my sword through the heart of the first Thrax, and clashed blades with the second. We wrestled for a brief moment as the Thrax barked at me. I lunged again but the Thrax parried my blow. The Thrax pulled out a miniaturized chemical thrower from his hip. I swept my sword back and swung down. The sword sliced through the Thrax's arm like hot knife through butter. The Thrax Grenadier recoiled from the blow and roared in pain. I silenced him by thrusting my sword through his skull.

I removed the miniaturized chemical thrower from the arm of the Thrax Grenadier. It appears to use a biochemical toxin as Intel suggested. I stored the weapon and the toxin vials in my pack. As I fumbled through the Thrax corpses, I also found a Thrax data pad containing information about Airman Hamilton and access keys to the base. Airman Hamilton died during the Bane torture. The data pad contained the information extracted from him. Intel would want to see this information.

My next objective was to ensure that this prison shall never be used again. I sneaked past the guards to the generator room and attached high explosives at vital sections of the generator. The explosives should create a large enough explosion to cripple the generator and cause a system meltdown.

My next target was the Bane commander of the installation. Intel calls him the "Meat Grinder" for the atrocities he performs on his prisoners. Reaching the inner sanctum was not easy; the base was still crawling with Thrax soldiers despite their communications and security systems offline. Timing was the key and eventually I reached the inner sanctum.

The Meat Grinder was inside. The access key from the Thrax Grenadier opened the heavy security doors. As I sneaked in to the room, I could sense him. He was not alone. He was preoccupied with a body of a woman, strapped naked to a bed at the center of the room. The woman on the bed wriggled and screamed as the Meat Grinder toyed with her. A camera on top of the bed filmed the entire sequence.

The Meat Grinder inserted a vial of green fluid in to a syringe and pushed the needle in to the woman's neck. I rushed towards the Meat Grinder but he whirled around at the last second. I swung my blade down on him but he parried it easily. He scoffed to himself and threw a bolt of lightning at me. The force of the lightning bolt knocked me off my feet. The Meat Grinder lunged with a bloody-axe. I rolled across the floor and fired my net gun at him. The net wrapped around the Meat Grinder and pinned him to the ground. The Meat Grinder turned and cursed whilst struggling to free himself. I pulled out my G7 pistol and at point blank range, painted the floor with his brains.

I rushed to the bed at the center of the room... the woman was on the bed was none other than Nadia! She broke out in a sweat and was struggling to breathe as the effects of the toxin rushed towards her heart. She looked up to me with fear in her eyes. She tried to apologize but I could see that she was fading away from consciousness. I scrambled to the controls to look for something that could save her life.

According to the research notes the toxin appears to be in its preliminary stages. The vial of toxin used on Nadia was not fully cultivated, but the effects were devastating on the host's immune system. It appears that the Bane had also cultivated a steroid that could resist the effects of the toxin as a temporary measure. It may be all I could do is keep Nadia alive until I could get her to a specialized medical facility. I copied all the information from the Bane computers into an empty data pad and stored it in my pack. This information may be all there is for now.

There were several blue vials containing the steroids. I placed one of the vials in to a sterile syringe and inserted the fluid in to Nadia. She was now in a coma and was breathing heavily. The monitors showed a spike in Nadia's heart rate, then it flat-lined. I quickly reached for an automated external defibrillator from my med-kit. I placed the defibrillator across her chest and the defibrillator did its work. Nadia's heart restarted from the jolt of electricity from the defibrillator and her heart rate returned to normal. It appeared that the steroids were working.

There was an escape pod at the back of the inner sanctum which appears to lead out of the base. I wrapped Nadia in the remains of her suit and carried her to the escape pod. I jumped on the seat within the escape pod with Nadia in my arms. I hit the switch on the remote detonator for the high explosives in the generator room. There was a massive explosion in the distance as the lights faded. The building shook from the explosion. I punched the emergency button on the escape pod and the engines roared in to life. The escape pod sped through the tunnel and shot out over the canyon.

The escape pod crash landed in an open field not far from an AFS outpost. An AFS dropship circled above the crash site as soldiers and medics cleared the landing site of debris. Nadia was taken to the nearest AFS hospital for treatment; the medics stabilized her condition on site and ensured me that she would be taken to a more specialized facility.

General Mornington has issued orders for me to return to AFS High Command for debriefing. Command could really use the information I had obtained from Torcastra Prison.

Captain Jason Rhyne
AFS Black Ops
4th Spy Division

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